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The member will deposit a fixed installment every month for a fixed period and will earn a cumulative return with interest as per the plan.

(On Deposit of Rs. 1000/- per Month)

# Period Rate of Interest Maturity Amount
1 12 Months 9.50% 12,609/-
2 24 Months 10.50% 26,675/-
3 36 Months 11.50% 42,767/-
4 48 Months 12.00% 61,015/-
5 60 Months 12.50% 82,115/-
Tenure of Payment

The tenure of the account is 12 months and above.

Mode of Payment

a) All payments to the company shall be made either in cash or by cheque/draft against the receipt countersigned by its authorized signatory payments by any mode or media other than mentioned above shall be at the member account holder’s own risk. The cheque/draft shall be credited in the name of member Account Holder subject to clearance by the Bank.

b) Out station cheques shall not be accepted.

Loan facility on Recurring Deposits

On 24 month and 36 month deposit schemes, after 1 year (after receiving of 12 instalments) loan up to 60% of deposited amount will be given.On 48 month and 60 month deposit schemes, after 1.5 years (after receiving of 18 instalments) loan up to 60% of deposited amount will be given.

Pre Mature Closure Of Deposits

Foreclosure of deposits will not be permitted until completion of 6 months from the date of deposits. Deposits foreclosed after 3 months but before 6 months from the date of deposits no Interest will be paid. Deposits foreclosed after 6 months, interest at 2% shall be deducted from the normal rate of Simple Interest for the period of deposit.

Terms & Conditions
  • 1 .Interest will be calculated on yearly basis.
  • 2 .Recurring Deposit minimum amount Rs 100/-, thereafter in multiples of Rs 100/-
  • 3 .Loan on deposits will be charged at 18% yearly compound interest basis.
  • 4 .Lapse on payment of instalment amount will make the defaulter pay Rs 2 per 100 per month with instalment Amount.
  • 5 .1 month after paying last instalment or maturity amount due date whichever is more will be applicable for payment Of maturity amount.
  • 6 .Irregular deposits are not entitled for pre mature payment and loan facility against it.
  • 7 .On irregular deposits if all irregular pending deposits are paid then such account will be treated as regular.
  • 8 .Even if there is default in payment of 1 instalment, the said account will be treated as irregular.
  • 9 .After maturity date, payment on irregular accounts will be made after deducting the penalty amount maximum to the limit of interest earned on such account.
  • 10 .No deductions will be made on principle amount of such accounts.